About Us

PRISÉ Switzerland was founded in 2020 with one mission: to bring effortless elegance and exclusive luxury to the everyday life of modern women around the world. We offer designer fashion pieces made with luxurious Italian and Asian fabrics, crafted to deliver swiss quality with sustainability and luxury at the core. Our timeless designs convey sophisticated taste and appeal to all who are looking to make an everlasting impression with minimalistic yet absolute character. Our pieces are designed with you in mind, crafted to be enchanting to look at and comfortable to wear in any situation or occasion.

About The Designer

Priska Bruegger, a Swiss designer of Indonesian descent, is driven to create designs that make women feel beautiful in their everyday lives. Her collections boast a signature timeless style that has earned her considerable acclaim. She works with a team who carefully consider body shape and lifestyle when designing. Priska's focus on sustainability is evident in the fabrics she chooses, her production processes and designs that endure.

The fabrics she utilizes combine both European and Asian elements to form a reflection of her identity. She produces prototypes for the ready-to-wear line at her St. Gallen Atelier, where she also crafts the made-to-measure pieces and hand-crafts each piece with meticulous detail. Her ready-to-wear collection is made with trusted manufacturers, whom she personally selects for their ethical operations and compliance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification standards.