PRISÉ Switzerland Atelier, Wil, Switzerland

The Story

Starting with made-to-measure, our story began in 2020
in our Atelier located in Wil, in the canton of St. Gallen.
It was here that we welcomed our first customers and now create proto-
types of our ready-to-wear designs. We noticed a gap in fashionable clothing that didn’t
cater to the average body type, often consisting of a mix of different sizes.

In a place filled with artistic moments and hours of experimental work, we ex-
perimented endlessly to find the right formula for our designs, marking the
beginning of how we fused European minimalism with Asian silhouettes.

Our aim, based on our customers’ wishes, is to create clothes that seamlessly
blend feminine charm and resilience. Now that we have grown as a brand, we
commit to curate staple items that our customers need for both their everyday lives
and special moments. Items that are simple, timeless, comfortable and current.


At PRISÉ Switzerland, we prioritize transparency and ethical practices throughout our production process. We carefully selected each manufacturer based on their specialty in garment making. Our garments are produced in Wil, Switzerland; Istanbul, Turkey; Jinan city, China; and Zhejiang, China. We have established personal relationships with all our manufacturers, ensuring that every garment is crafted in a healthy working environment.

Our commitment extends to fair wages for workers and providing them with the necessary tools for a peaceful and productive workspace. Our cashmere manufacturer in Zhejiang, China, exclusively utilizes GOTS certified cashmere, not only guaranteeing durability but also emphasizing sustainability. Our dedicated designer, Priska Bruegger, collaborates closely with production managers in each country to ensure that every piece of clothing is produced with lasting quality and a steadfast commitment to sustainability.